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Specialists in recruitment and selection

We manage the process of searching, selecting, and hiring technical staff for factories and engineering companies. We conduct technical evaluations based on the requirements of the position to be filled.

We cover positions for different levels in technical and industrial IT areas.


We offer you a solution tailored to your company so you can stop worrying about attracting talent.

Industrial Personnel

We focus on finding the most qualified person to join your team, regardless of the size of the company

IT Recruitment

Our profiles are specialized in different areas of the industry, allowing us to find the right talent to execute various projects.


We conduct online and face-to-face training for companies to maximize their human resources.

What we do

Step 01


We conduct a thorough review of the profile to be recruited. We work together with company leaders to better understand the need.

Step 02


We have a large database of students and agreements with different companies that allow us to quickly find the profile you are looking for.

Step 03


Our specialized recruiters evaluate soft and hard skills. We specialize in hiring industrial technical profiles.

Step 04


Our specialised recruiters evaluate skills balandas and hard. We specialize in recruitment of technical profiles industry.

Step 05


We have various tests and evaluations according to the position requested.

Step 06


We present the selected profile to our client for final approval.

Step 07


We follow up after incorporation to achieve optimal results

Step 08


With our partner IngeLearn, we train staff in the most demanded technical skills in the industry.

Our Work

We offer you a solution tailored to your company so you can stop worrying about attracting talent.

Agile Hiring

Forget lengthy selection processes. We streamline hiring, enabling you to kickstart your projects without delay.

Multilingual Skills

Language is no longer a barrier. Whatever language you need, we've got it covered.

Time Zone Flexibility

Work with talents that fit your schedule. We facilitate real-time communication, regardless of where you are.

Total Budget Control

You decide how much to spend. We offer solutions tailored to your project's duration and scale, with no budget surprises.

Professional Talent Group

We don't just offer candidates; we offer the best. Our specialized talent group is ready to integrate and make a significant impact on your project.

Exceptional Know-how

With years of experience in the IT and industrial sector, we not only know the market, but we are leaders in it.

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